Wow! Thanks for wanting to sign up as a fundraiser for the Virtual Cake Stall.

As part of our Virtual Cake Stall, we're asking our supporters to fundraise an additional $30 for gifted children. That's the equivalent of a fancy cake!

All you need to do is set up a fundraising page through GiveALittle and you're on your way! Below are some instructions on how to get set up, but if you're ready now - you can head over to givealittle to get started by following this link:



1 When you're there, you'll see our campaign page for the Virtual Cake Stall. Scroll down past the "Donate Now" button and you'll come to the "Help Fundraise" button. Click on "Help Fundraise"

2 If you're not logged in you will be ask to do so. If you don't have a login, create an account.


Once you've clicked on "Help Fundraise", you'll land on the following page. Select "Cause"

You'll be on the "New Fundraiser" page. You need to create your own content, spend some time doing that now. If you're stuck for words - check out the tips below to get you going.


When you have filled in all your details, you're set to go! You'll come to your account page like below

Go to your page so you can highlight your link in the address bar and share that with your networks.

7 To make it even easier for people to donate, send them directly to your donate page. They can always check out your profile when they're done.


 There you have it! 7 easy steps to get you set up. If you're wanting ideas on what to write in all the boxes read on.



1 When you're on the "New Fundraiser" page, first you will be asked to "Set your fundraiser page link". This will need to be unique, so we suggest using your name or nickname and something to do with our campaign. Eg. jane4giftedcake, jane4gifted, jane4virtualcake

You can do whatever you would like here, but you just have a max of 50 characters.

2 Fundraiser/page title

This bit is a bit longer, but you can make it like your page link. Or for example: Jane fundraising for the Virtual Cake Stall; Jane raising funds for gifted - Virtual Cake Stall. You have a max of 128 Characters for this one.

3 Goal

We're asking you to raise an additional $30 on top of what you've already given - but you can choose whatever target you like. Make sure it's achievable for you but the sky's your limit and gifted children all across New Zealand will benefit from your efforts!

4 End Date and Time

Our campaign ends on #GivingTuesday which is Tuesday, 1 December. You can set your own date to be as short (min. 1 week) or as long as you like depending on your fundraising goal. The latest time we ask you to set it is Tuesday, 1 December 2016, 11.59pm.

3 Region

We're a nationwide organisation so our campaign is set to nationwide. If  you would like your fundraising efforts to go toward a specific region that we service, you can also select that area.

Funds can be allocated in Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Lower Hutt, Wellington, Christchuch.


Fundraiser descriptions


Brief pitch - 140 character. This is just something short that will show up in search results. 
Here's some starters for you:

"I'm fundraising for the Virtual Cake Stall to help gifted children reach their potential"

“I want to support gifted children get the opportunities they need by fundraising for the Virtual Cake Stall”

“I’m supporting the Virtual Cake Stall. Please help me to raise funds to help gifted children in New Zealand maximise their potential”


You are welcome to use any of these if you wish.


Detailed description - You need to fill this out and you've got some more words if you wish to put more in, but you can also copy and paste what you've written in the short description.

Here's something else you could put in:

"The Virtual Cake Stall is raising funds to support gifted children in New Zealand with education and resources to help them maximise their potential.

The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education runs this campaign annually to ensure all gifted children no matter what their circumstances can continue to access programmes that meet their diverse and unique learning needs.

You can find out more about NZCGE and their students at"


What is your involvement in this fundraiser? Please explain

This is where you write about why you're involved. There is no limit on characters or words.

Start with "I'm involved because ..." 


Help people find your page

Category: Education (drop down)

Selected Tags: Talented Kids, Campaigns, Higher Education (find and select)

Keywords: gifted, appeal (type in or copy and paste from here)

Social Media





Upload a photo of yourself! People give to people, and this is your gig! But if you prefer not to you can download some of our campaign images as below:







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