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Content Imperative Cards (JTE-2)

A complete set (11 in all) of content imperative cards and content imperative/depth and complexity combo cards. The backs contain multiple lists and starter ideas related to the icons(s) pictured. The final card shows all 5 of the imperatives plus 5 that are combined with a dimension of depth and complexity. There’s an accompanying booklet that can be downloaded for free with even more information and background on this method for developing sophisticated content and enhancing the power of The Depth & Complexity Icons/Prompts. For all grades.


Depth and Complexity Icon Cards (JTE-3)

A complete set (12 in all) of depth and complexity dimensions cards. The back of each card contains multiple lists and starter ideas related to the icon pictured. The final card shows all 11 of the dimensions together. Our instructional brochure with introduction and integration ideas can be downloaded for free.

Content Imperative Magnets (JTE-10)

Invite students to take a broader and more sophisticated look at what you are studying with the Content Imperative Magnets. These 4” x 6” sturdy magnets are light enough to easily slide on your whiteboard, and strong enough to hold up papers. Combine Origin, Parallel, Paradox, Contribution, and Convergence with dimension of depth and complexity for an even bigger boost to your ability to differentiate.

Depth and Complexity Mini/Student Icon Cards (JTE-12)

A complete set (12 in all) of depth and complexity dimension/icon cards. The reverse of each card contains a few student-friendly definitions/synonyms with 2-3 task starter questions related to the icon pictured. The final card shows all 11 of the dimensions together.  This smaller set is perfect for students to share and you’ll love their ease-of-use. 

Content Imperative Mini/Student Icon Cards (JTE-13)


Deep and Complex Look Books (JTE-22)

Encourage your students to take a deep and complex look at topics from various disciplines. Designed for heterogeneous classrooms, the Deep and Complex Look Books promotes powerful thinking and deep learning through the icons of depth and complexity. Your students will demonstrate understanding and express opinions of topics in both written and visual ways as they fill out the two levels of depth and complexity icon templates. Templates can be used with individual students, the entire class, or as a cooperative team project. Asking your students to think in deep and complex ways will help them develop important learning skills that will become habits of mind, and establish a strong foundation as they become lifelong learners.

Curriculum Reference Guide - Flipbook for Teachers  (JTE-23)

The Differentiation Smart Reference Guide is a great resource for teachers dedicated to differentiating the core curriculum with unique levels of learners in their classroom. The 22 flip pages are designed from simple to more advanced, as they take teachers through integral steps of differentiation; setting the stage, utilizing high-level thinking skills, incorporating depth and complexity, becoming an expert, teaching with universal concepts, and planning the best ways to deliver instructions. There are a number of content and grade specific examples throughout the pages. Teachers will find themselves continually referring to this reference guide as their students exceed standards throughout the school year. All pages are in color and are laminated for long lasting quality.


Q3 (Quick, Quality, Question) Cards (JTE-27)

The Q3 Cards provide a valuable tool for developing quality questions to differentiate curriculum through the use of the dimensions of depth and complexity. There are 55 two-sided, colour 3” x 5” cards, with 10 questions for each of the 11 dimensions of depth and complexity. An instructional brochure can be downloaded for free. It provides a multitude of ways for educators to use these questions-stem cards including: planning a discussion within a lesson, hooking students’ interest, and designing a culminating activity to name a few. Suggestions for student and parent uses are offered as well. The Q3 Cards and their limitless possibilities equip teachers with tools that elicit critical and higher-level thinking from their students.

Depth and Complexity Icon Magnets (JTE-28)

This set of magnets is designed in full color and matches the other Icon colors in our other products. Use them as you guide students in deep, complex, and thoughtful explorations of multiple subject areas and topics. Each of the 11 Depth and Complexity Icon Magnets (about 4” x 6” in size) are in a different colours. They’re light enough to easily slide on your whiteboard and strong enough to hold up papers.


The Icon Game: Responding to Literature with Depth and Complexity (JTE-31)

Engage your students in high-level discussions related to literature they are reading. Use the game to generate individual response, as a tool with the entire class, at a literary station, or as an assessment tool. There are so many possibilities—several others are mentioned on the “instruction card” that comes with each game. Spin the spinner to determine which pile of cards to draw from. Your students will love using the Icon Game as they develop better communication, comprehension, and high-level thinking skills.


Introducing and Exploring the Dimensions of Depth and Complexity through Children's Literature (JTE-44)

How can I introduce Depth & Complexity to my class? That questions is asked over and over again by educators. With time constraints and the ever increasing pressure to prepare students for Standardized tests, focusing on ways to empower high-level thinking can be challenging.  Introducing & Exploring the Dimensions of Depth and Complexity through Children’s Literature provides educators with an easy, practical way to introduce the 11 Dimensions of Depth & Complexity using popular children’s books. With 36 stories in all, teachers will find numerous options for introducing, and then integrating the Depth & Complexity dimensions with all levels of learners. For teachers who have never heard of the Dimensions of Depth & Complexity to those currently using them during instruction, this book prompts students to engage in literature discussions in a deeper, more complex manner – all while providing a foundation for using the Depth & Complexity dimensions across all disciplines.

Depth and Complexity Icon Stickers (JTE-45)

Our Depth and Complexity Stickers are new and improved! You’ll now receive both 80 color and 80 black and white stickers for each iconic prompt….1760 total that are 3/4″ in diameter. That’s a lot of peeling and sticking. Have fun!

Depth and Complexity Icon Posters (JTE-46)

A complete set of 11 (one for each dimension of depth and complexity), these 13 x 19″ posters printed on heavy card stock paper have 3-4 thought-provoking questions right below each icon. They’re in colour (matching the same icon colour in our other depth and complexity materials) and the words are large enough for students to read from their seats. This practical resource provides teachers with a simple way to prompt deep and complex thinking from students across the disciplines.

Content Imperative Posters (JTE-47)

A complete set of 5 (for each Content Imperative), these 13 x 19″ posters contain questions right below each icon. They’re laminated, black and white (like all of our Content Imperative products), and the words are large enough for students to read from their seats. The easy-to-use Content Imperative Posters will assist teachers in promoting deep, abstract thinking as they are used individually or together with the dimensions of depth and complexity.

A Deep and Complex Look at Biographies and Literary Characters (JTE-49)


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