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About MindPlus

MindPlus is a programme for gifted 6-13 year olds that provides intellectual, creative, social and emotional learning and support. Children come together, with a specialist teacher, for one day each week. Together they engage in differentiated, strength-based learning experiences to further develop their gifts and talents and a greater understanding of themselves. 

Referrals to MindPlus are welcomed from parents or a child’s school. (We welcome referrals from home-schooling parents, too.)

Information regarding a child’s intellectual, creative, and personal abilities and traits is collected from their home and school, and from the child themselves at an entry selection workshop.

This information is analysed to determine whether there is a good match between the child’s strengths and the MindPlus programme.


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Why MindPlus is great for creatively and academically gifted children:

  • Children connect with like-minded peers who think like them and understand each other.
  • Learning is challenging and applied, and stretches children’s abilities and ways of thinking.
  • Small class numbers enable personalised learning that focuses on each child’s strengths and interests.
  • Our specialist teachers understand gifted learners and what makes them tick.

As with all of our programmes, MindPlus is guided by the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education Curriculum which focuses on these six learning strands:

  • conceptual development;
  • personal development;
  • talent development;
  • research;
  • complex thinking; and
  • communication.

The curriculum is developmental in nature and designed to increase, over time, the breadth, depth, sophistication and complexity of learners’ knowledge and abilities in these areas and their self-direction in learning.


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MindPlus Information Sessions



Where we currently operate in New Zealand. 

MindPlus currently operates out of 12 Units (classrooms) across New Zealand; North Shore, Auckland (x3), Tauranga, Rotorua, Hamilton, Lower Hutt, Wellington (x2), Christchurch and Wakatipu. 

The MindPlus curriculum is also delivered in five additional sites (Centres) under alternative local funding models.   These five Centres can be contacted directly for information about attendance and related fees.

Invercargillenrich.weebly.com     Dunedinwww.pakikikids.org       mid-Canterbury:   www.acs.school.nz     

Lincolnwww.lincolnprimary.ac.nz    Taranaki:   www.tgctrust.org.nz


Further Inquiries on MindPlus

To find out more about MindPlus and the entry selection process, contact our office on 0800 769 243 or email us through our website

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