Gifted Online (GO)

Gifted Online (GO) is a suite of online modules for gifted children. These programmes are designed for students who cannot access a face to face programme or who wish to supplement attendance with addition learning opportunities and who wish to work with a group of like-minded peers. Students can opt into one or more of the modules and annual enrolment is recommended to maximise benefits.

The range of modules caters for different interests and needs and follows the same curriculum as MindPlus. Students joining a GO programme have access to a secure website where they choose their tasks, share their work, and can view the work of other students in their ‘class’. Online chats add a real-time dimension to communication with teachers and with small groups of other students. Modules use the Google Suite and Zoom as their predominant means of delivery.


Why Gifted Online is great for gifted children

  • Gifted Online connects gifted children with like-minded peers, providing them with an online learning and social support network.
  • Children connect with a specialist teacher who knows how to get the best from an online learning environment and who understand gifted learners and what makes them tick.
  • Learning is challenging and stretches children’s abilities and ways of thinking.
  • Children can negotiate their own learning pathway, catering for individual strengths and interests.

In 2021 NZCGE will offer two Gifted Online options; 

  1. GO MindPlus             
  2. GO Badges (History, Science, Maths, Design, Writing, Creative Thinkers- more badges will be added over the year. Recommended for Year 4+)


GO MindPlus consists of

  • Lessons implementing the NZCGE curriculum and the annual concept of learning
  • 45-minute Zoom session with the GO class and the specialist educator
  • 2 hours (minimum) of follow up activities 

GO Badges consist of

  • A range of badges to undertake based on the NZCGE Curriculum
  • Self-pacing and completion of related activities
  • 30-minute Zoom session with the GO educator- 'Tutor Check In'
  • Certificate and badge when complete
  • NOTE: You do not need to be enrolled in GO Minplus to undertake a badge.

All students new to GO need to sit their licence to GO which will help them become familiar with the programme and expectations.

All GO programmes are designed to meet the unique needs of gifted children, and use the NZCGE curriculum. 

2021 GO Timetable (Term 1)

Gifted Online Timetable

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