We believe in continuing education and are committed to ensuring all New Zealand teachers have a level of understanding in gifted education that will help them identify and cater to the the specific learning needs of our gifted learners. There are a number of opportunities through the Centre for professional learning and development in your own context. We can do whole-school PLD or more individualised work with those who are working more closely with gifted and talented students. The Centre is also a New Zealand endorsed provider of JTaylors Depth and Complexity. You can find out more about Depth and Complexity training here: 


Here are some examples of areas in which we can provide support or resourcing:

  • Building understanding of giftedness
  • Identification of giftedness
  • Modelling and teaching
  • Resource development
  • Policy/procedural development
  • Programme design and planning (IEP, classroom, withdrawal, community provision)
  • Assessment
  • Review and feedback as part of self-review or evaluation


We use a range of delivery methods for effectiveness and efficiency, e.g., face-to-face, distance (Skype, Google Hangouts) and e-support (email, Dropbox).


Brooklyn School large urban full primary

We worked with staff from NZCGE late in 2012 through to the end of 2014. We were in the process of rewriting our school Gifted and Talented Programme to strengthen our processes and procedures.


The early work we did together was finding the right definition, rationale and characteristics of Giftedness. From there it was the Professional Development which has been instrumental in providing the pathway for change. We were supported to devise a strategic plan so we knew where we were going. We now have a 'compass' and a 'roadmap' for our G&T Programme. We worked through a Kouzes and Posner model where we challenged the process, shared the vision, modelled the way, celebrated success and encouraged the heart. 


NZCGE staff worked with our teachers at staff meetings and also came to model and observe in the classroom giving us helpful feedback. Some of the strategies shared are now part of the everyday teaching in the classrooms. 


We are redefining education here at Brooklyn with a new multi-purpose lens: Identifying those students who are well above their peers is one of the practices which are embedded in our curriculum, but also looking at all the students in our school to discovering their strengths to develop their talents.


I really appreciated the support I received from NZCGE.  Leading change of any sort is challenging.  Their support was crucial.


Michelle Morriss Associate Principal Brooklyn School 2015

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