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The 2019 Gifted Awareness Blog Tour is Live!


Be like Bob. Be Frank.

Be a Mythbuster!



Come get your blog on!

If you are a taitamaiti (child), rangatahi (youth), whānau (family) of a gifted youngster or member/s of a gifted group, kaiako (educator), or kaiwhakamahereora hinengaro (counselor), or anyone at all with a general interest in learning, emotions, behaviour, development and/or specifically giftedness, then this is your chance to delve into this year Gifted Awareness Blog Tour. Read a range of thought-provoking, inspiring and creative blogs, comment and share (#GAW2019), or even take the plunge to express your own views and experiences and provoke some fresh thinking about what it means to live giftedness. This year's theme is Mythbusting.

The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education, in community with giftEDnz and the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children, would love to help you get your voice out there and heard...or is that read...? If you'd like to contribute this year, then complete the 'I want to blog!' form, or check out the 'how-to' section to find out more about the process first. The gifted community welcomes blogs from everyone; newbs or experienced.

If you run into any problems, please feel free to email Alanagh, the blog coordinator.







Gifted Awareness Blog Tour 2019 







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