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Vanessa White finishes off our first week of Blog posts with an inspiring story about a boy coming out of his shell.  Linked through a story about "Scuter" (pronounced Scooter) the turtle, this story celebrates what can happen when we respond to gifted children's needs and focus on their strengths.

"Over the past two months a new child has begun to emerge from his shell. That highly anxious, ever vigilant wee man is finding his feet and braving his “new” world. My little ‘permanent trailer’ (you know, when your kid constantly walks at your heels, close but hidden), has begun running ahead of me, venturing further afield, bouncing up (independently, with me further behind) to people he knows on the street to chat! It’s just incredible! The change is so marked, that people who know him, have been commenting about the difference they see in him.

We’ve gone from a child who “hated” writing with a vengance, to a child who has just co-authored a 5 chapter book with over 3000 words, contributing about a third of that - completing it after asking incessantly day after day if we could “please write now”."



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Coming out of his shell

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