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Elaine Le Sueur gives us another amazing blog with practical tips for teachers to support students who experience anxiety at school. Anxiety is an issue that is on the rise in all areas of schooling and teachers are looking for practical suggestions - so make sure you share this!

"My focus is on helping gifted kids to cope with anxiety as distinct from fear or phobia. Fear is felt when faced with immediate danger' That's where the danger IS. There is a direct cause for the emotion being felt and fear is the reaction to being afraid of being harmed. A phobia is much stronger than simply being afraid of being harmed. It is an intense unreasonable reaction to something that interferes with everyday life.  Anxiety can be defined as the worry that is felt when thinking about what might happen. Thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all combined in such a way as to make the brain's survival response centre (the amygdala) react instinctively by increasing heart rate, tightening muscles ready for flight and causing rapid breathing. it ranges from general uneasiness to panic. the reaction of others can make all the difference because everyone perceives things differently."



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Anxiety Taming in the Classroom

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