MindPlus Membership Schools

The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education's MindPlus programme operates in the primary and intermediate sectors.  Students who attend MindPlus are legally classed as attending their regular school that day, learning off-site. Many schools acknowledge the value in what we offer our students and the expertise we are able to share with the educational community. These schools become membership schools.

Host School: This is the school where the MindPlus classroom operates.
Membership School: These schools pay a membership subscription and receive additional support for their staff. 

Partnership Schools: These are the 250+ schools who agree for their students to attend our programme but currently are not financially supportive of the opportunity.

All schools who have students attending MindPlus are encouraged to become membership schools.  This is an important part of their support for gifted learners and an essential/necessary part of our sustainability as a charitable organisation that receives no Ministry of Education or other government funding.

 Membership Schools

Cornwall Park School, Auckland www.cornwallpark.school.nz St Peter and Paul School, Hutt Valley www.stpeterpaul.school.nz
Dominion Road School, Auckland www.dominionrd.school.nz St Bernard’s College, Hutt Valley www.sbc.school.nz
St Mary’s Catholic School, Auckland www.stmary.school.nz St Mark’s Church School, Hutt Valley www.st-marks.school.nz
Waikowhai Primary School, Auckland www.waikowhai.school.nz St Michael’s School, Hutt Valley www.stmichaels.school.nz
Wesley Primary School, Auckland www.wesleyprimary.school.nz Taita Central School, Hutt Valley www.taitacentral.school.nz
Te Totara Primary School, Hamilton www.tetotara.school.nz Waterloo School, Hutt Valley www.waterloo.school.nz
Glenholme School, Rotorua www.school.nz/school/glenholme-school  Wilford School, Hutt Valley www.wilford.school.nz
Kaharoa School, Rotorua www.kaharoa.school.nz Brooklyn School, Wellington www.brooklynprimary.school.nz
Kawaha Point School, Rotorua www.kawaha-point.school.nz Clyde Quay School, Wellington www.clydequay.school.nz
Malfroy School, Rotorua www.malfroy.school.nz Hataitai School, Wellington www.hataitai.school.nz
Mamaku School, Rotorua www.mamakuschool.com Karori Normal School, Wellington www.kns.school.nz
Reporoa Primary School, Rotorua www.rep.school.nz Kelburn Normal School, Wellington www.kelburnnormal.school.nz
Upper Atiamuri Primary School, Rotorua www.school.nz/school/upper-atiamuri-school Kilbirnie School, Wellington www.kilbirnie.school.nz
Westbrook School, Rotorua www.westbrook.school.nz Lyall Bay School, Wellington www.lyallbay.school.nz 
Avalon Intermediate, Hutt Valley www.avalonintermediate.school.nz Mt Cook School, Wellington www.mtcook.school.nz
Eastern Hutt School, Hutt Valley www.easternhutt.school.nz Newtown School, Wellington www.newtown.school.nz
Fergusson Intermediate, Hutt Valley www.fergusson.school.nz Ngaio School, Wellington www.ngaio.school.nz
Gracefield School, Hutt Valley www.gracefield.school.nz Redwood School, Wellington www.redwood.school.nz
Hutt Intermediate, Hutt Valley www.huttintermediate.school.nz St Anthony’s School, Wellington www.stants.school.nz
Naenae Intermediate, Hutt Valley www.huttintermediate.school.nz Burnside Primary School, Christchurch www.burnsideprimary.school.nz
Normandale School, Hutt Valley www.normandale.school.nz Papanui Primary School, Christchurch www.papanuiprimary.school.nz 
Silverstream School, Hutt Valley www.silverstream.school.nz    


 Host Schools

St Joseph’s Catholic School, Auckland www.takapunacatholic.org.nz  Rata Street School, Hutt Valley www.ratastreet.school.nz
Waikowhai Intermediate, Auckland  www.wai-int.school.nz Cardinal McKeefry, Wellington www.cardinalmckeefry.school.nz/
Peachgrove Intermediate, Hamilton  www.peachgrove.school.nz Miramar Central School www.miramarcentral.school.nz/
Sunset Primary School, Rotorua www.school.nz/school/sunset-primary-school Cobham Intermediate  www.cobham.school.nz/ 



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