What is Small Poppies?

  • Small Poppies is a programme for gifted early-years children and their parents or caregivers.
  • Children and their parents come together with a specialist teacher for 2½ hours each week to engage in challenging and stimulating learning experiences and explorations that are based on the children’s interests and abilities.
  • Class sizes are capped at twelve children.

Why Small Poppies is great for young gifted children:

  • Learning is hands-on and engaging, feeding inquiring and creative young minds.
  • Children connect with like-minded peers who think, talk and feel like them.
  • Our teachers understand gifted learners and what makes them tick.

Why Small Poppies is great for parents:

  • Parents can connect with, support and learn from each other.
  • Our specialist teachers can assist parents to meet the needs of their children at home.
  • Parents have a great opportunity to learn alongside their child and see them excited about learning.

"Small Poppies has provided our family with an avenue of exploration and discovery to help identify our son's strengths, preferences and natural tendencies in a stimulating and engaging environment". - Small Poppies Parent.

How to enrol in Small Poppies

  • If you are interested in referring your child in Small Poppies, you are asked to complete an identification questionnaire and referral form Enquire here for an identification questionnaire and referral form.
  • You will then be invited to a “Poppy Peek” which gives you and your child a "taste" of the programme and allows a Small Poppies educator to determine whether your child and the programme are a good fit. You can find out more about Poppy Peeks here
  • To find out more about Small Poppies contact our office on  0800 769 243 or contact us by email now.


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