Our consultants work alongside communities to help establish locally owned and operated centres to deliver gifted education programmes and services. Currently, our centres deliver the MindPlus programme locally with the support of our consultants providing professional learning, development and support. Some of our centres are also developing their own unique services to promote the need for gifted education provisions within the school context. the NZCGE consultants also provide support in this way.

When establishing a centre, we provide advice and guidance in all areas of setting up your local programme from organisational structure and strategic direction advice, finding seed funding, community workshops, recruitment and curriculum training. 

We are currently supporting a number of communities with the operation of their own localised professional centre for gifted education. Here's an example of how we're working with local communities building their gifted education programmes.


Taranaki Cluster Centre

The Taranaki Gifted Community Trust was formed in August 2014 to establish a pull out programme for gifted students in Taranaki. We are a group of principals, teachers and committed parents who are passionate about gifted education. Initially we started with 14 students, have grown to 25 a year later and are hopeful to cater for up to 56 students from next year onwards.

Our aim has always been to work closely with the NZCGE so our region could benefit from their vast experience, their carefully crafted curriculum, their support network for the teachers and of course the provided PD opportunities for our local schools.

During the past year our Trust has formed an official partnership with the NZCGE that will see the MindPlus programme offered in our region from next year onwards. We have formed a cluster with 12 contributing Primary and Intermediate Schools who will actively feed into our programme and will financially support us, so we can keep the cost for the families to a minimum.

We are incredibly excited about the changes in gifted education in our region and look forward to offering unique learning opportunities to many more students from next year onwards. The partnership with the NZCGE has been invaluable and their support, expertise and guidance have been crucial to our progress.

You can find out more about the Taranaki Gifted Community Trust under www.tgctrust.org.nz or can contact the chairperson Katja Eager under contact@tgctrust.org.nz.

Katja Eager, Chairperson for the Taranaki Gifted Community Trust and the Taranaki Centre for Gifted Education

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