At the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education, we have a vision of a future New Zealand where extraordinary minds do extraordinary things because they can, because they are supported and because they are believed in.

We believe that all children are gifts and that all children are unique, but we also believe that only some children are gifted. Those who are gifted have the potential to achieve at levels we would not normally expect from children of their age. However, high potential does not always equate to high achievement. These children need to be nurtured in a way that supports their creativity, their abilities and their potential.

We exist to serve New Zealand’s gifted young people. We can best do this by maximising their potential through recognition, access and support. Our priority focuses are to see that all young gifted New Zealanders are recognised and celebrated and have equitable access to quality gifted education and a network of support.

Recognition: We work to ensure that gifted children are identified and their gifts are recognised and celebrated in all fields of giftedness. We educate about giftedness and advocate for the needs of gifted young people.

Access: We work to ensure that barriers such as socio-economic position, geography and disability do not hinder gifted children having access to quality gifted education. We deliver quality education ourselves and support others to do so through quality professional development and learning.

Support: We support those who support gifted young people, such as parents and educators. We do this through sharing practical advice, guidance and resourcing and working alongside people to bring about positive change.

The Centre is dedicated to delivering evidence-guided, quality programmes directly to gifted learners. We are gifted education specialists – we know what gifted children need and how best to meet those needs. We deliver a number of student services and work hard to aid equitable access to our programmes and to gifted education opportunities delivered by others.


The New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education Limited is a registered charity. The Centre is governed by a Board of Directors and employs educators who are experienced and passionate about gifted education. Our Board, educators and support staff are all dedicated to gifted young people and the Centre’s vision for a future New Zealand in which extraordinary minds do extraordinary things.


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