In looking for alternative and effective ways to support schools, educators and students we have embarked on providing School-Based Mentoring and Modelling. This service provides a member of our staff on site at a school for either a half day or a full day per week for an extended time period, either a term, a half year or a full year. The on-site presence of the facilitator allows us to embed the support in to the fabric and flow of the school and for the facilitator to become immersed into the school culture, tailoring support accordingly.


Waimahia Intermediate School

We have been fortunate to have a NZCGE facilitator at our school for one day per week since the beginning of 2015. This has had a huge effect on the way we as a school can now provide gifted education for our students and our community.

The support provided by the NZCGE facilitator has been invaluable in establishing common understandings amongst staff and students regarding what we believe giftedness to be, particularly in our Pacific Island and Maori community. Staff have benefited from the professional support provided through lesson demonstrations and observations, collegial discussions and staff development meetings, as well as the invaluable resources that have been shared with them.

Students’ have clearly benefited from the support as it has had an effect on their view of what giftedness is and how they view themselves, validating the skills, gifts and abilities that they have been born with. Students have also been exposed to innovative learning tools and approaches, which support and enhance their thinking skills.

I would highly recommend the work that NZCGE offers schools and communities.


Audrey Kippen / Deputy Principal & SENCO

Waimahia Intermediate School 2015

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