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To wrap up Gifted Awareness Week 2018, we are showcasing some entries from the NZAGC GAW2018 Competitions. Student voice is incredibly valuable and it is wonderful to show what out gifted students are capable.  

These are just a taste and the competitions are open until June 30th.

Enjoy your Friday and some of our amazing students' work!


Up to You by Sophia Boulieris (age 12)

To be remembered in the world

I used to think it could not be

That dreams were just silly fantasies ready to be hurled

But then I realized that it was up to me


The more I worked the more that became

Nights spent racking my mind

Then the ideas would come flooding to my brain

Because the ideas had been up to me to find


It was not the way I could swing a bat

But the ability to write my way into wonderland

But better it was to bring others to that

Almost like when an ostrich first met the sand


So don’t just sit there sad and blue

Because your success is up to you


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