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Continuing with our Gifted Awareness Week Blogs is Ingrid Frengley-Vaipuna.  Ingrid is the moderator of the Gifted and Talented Mailing List.  Her Blog is about the very special resource that is TKI Gifted and Talented.

George Parkyn said: "It is important to recognise that each child is a unique individual, a person in his own right, with his own life to live, with his own wants and needs, his own abilities and interests, his own successes to achieve, his own failures to react to. Together with a recognition of the uniqueness of each individual, it is important that teachers accept the child for his own sake. This acceptance implies a willingness to help each child develop into his own best person. From a secure base the child ventures out and returns, constantly enlarging his world, and growing up with hope and optimism about the outcome of his encounters with the world."


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