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Thursday's blog post is by the gorgeous Andi Delaune and has been published on her Blog page "Even the smallest person".

Andi delves into the ideas of joy and our gifted children being "quivering alive".  She has added in some extra links to keep us all inspired!

"If joy was a party (and often this is how it feels) then the teacher was the one to make sure that everyone not only got the invitation, but was partaking of this joy while they were there.... 

But more often in my experience, the teachers have not only included gifted children on the list, they make sure they are welcome at every party. They ensure that these children are so fundamentally a part of every early childhood whānau that there is no thought or possibility of not including them. Of course they can come to the party.

So this is a shout out to all of those wonderful teachers who make sure our gifted children are indeed a part of every ‘party’ which brings joy in the early learning setting. You are integral to the lives of these children, and for this, I thank you!"

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Of course you can come to the party

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