Did you miss us over the long weekend? In the interest of preserving everyone's work-life balance we are only posting on weekdays this year... so I hope you all made use of the extra time to relax and enjoy time with your loved ones over the long weekend.

Kicking us off for five full days of new blogs, is the fabulous MindPlus teacher, Susan Luus. Based in Queenstown, Susan went online to ask the NZ gifted community about their view of success. Her survey was completed by educators, parents and students who gave her insight into the fire within.
"The children who responded linked success with emotions, particularly happiness and satisfaction, and learning dispositions such as persistence and determination. The ability to feel proud of achievements no matter "how big or small" was a powerful motivational force. The responses showed a strong a desire for autonomy and the need to make their own choices, based on interests, particularly in learning contexts. Success was aligned with self-efficacy and having the experience, knowledge and tools to work through challenges encountered. The ability to analyse, plan, set goals and communicate were considered key factors in achieving successful outcomes."

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Lighting the Fire and Stoking the Flames

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