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Welcome to the home of the New Zealand Gifted Awareness Blog tour. The blog tour runs through the month of June each year as an activity associated with New Zealand's Gifted Awareness Week.


The theme this year is Diversity


The New Zealand Gifted Awareness Blog Tour is an opportunity for you to have your say about giftedness. Here you can share your experiences, stories and views, for example, about being gifted, parenting/raising gifted young people, and/or gifted education.

This might be:

  • student perspectives;
  • an opinion pieces, perhaps with a call to action for positive change;
  • a poem;
  • research findings;
  • experiences from professional practice

Keen to contribute a blog?

We would love to help you get your voice out there and heard...or is that read...? Hmmm...anyway, if you'd like to contribute this year, then complete the 'I want to blog!' form, or check out the 'how-to' section to find out more about the process. We welcome blogs from everyone: those who are experienced bloggers, as well as those with little or no experience. If you run into any problems, please feel free to email Vanessa, the blog co-ordinator.

Members of Parliament have always contributed in varying numbers and at least one of them reads a selection of the blogs each year. You’ll probably be able to tell which one, if you read the political posts.

Skip me straight to the blog tour now please.


Colour coding of blog post images
You will notice that there is a strip of colour to the left of the thumbnail images for each post. These indicate the following:

  • Green - posts which have been written by gifted children
  • Red - posts which have had more than 500 views during the blog tour period
  • Yellow - posts which relate to government viewpoints and policies, open letters to Parliament, and other posts created for lobbying purposes
  • Purple - these are not blogs, but have been a significant part of the discussion during the period of the Blog Tour

Please share widely!

Please share the blogs widely: to friends, family, educators, specialists, MPs...anyone you think might be interested and/or could benefit from reading them. The New Zealand Gifted Awareness Week hashtag is used for sharing blogs, so please feel free to include #NZGAW in your posts, tweets, emails, etc. The blog tour will have a presence online through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Like the New Zealand Centre for Gifted Education page on Facebook
  • Follow @NZGiftedEd on Twitter


The 2017 Blog Tour starts 1 June. Not long to go now!

In the meantime you might like to take a look at the 2016 Blog Tour summary for an overview of last year's wonderful selection of blogs on the theme of belonging or pop back to the full 2016 Blog Tour to access all the posts.



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